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Aceites Alía

Recovering centuries-old traditions

We are a young and dynamic company, but at the same time with a long tradition

For eight years we have combined our passion for extra virgin olive oil and work, with the experience and tradition of a special land with varieties that have endured over time and that we maintain and care for with care.

Everything is the result of knowledge and complete dedication, from the planting and daily care of the olive grove, to its harvesting, transporting the olives and subsequent transformation into a high-quality product. A long chain where each and every one of its links is pampered, from the olive grove, the true EVOO factory, until it is bottled and reaches the final consumer.

At Aceites Alía we control the entire production process from the harvesting of olives to bottling, because we know that this is the only way to guarantee our final consumer the highest quality.

Our extra virgins are made using the most modern technology. They are very early harvest oils, rich in aromas and complex flavors.

For this we apply different and innovative techniques:

  • We extract the olive stones to obtain energy, so that in this way the oil mill functions in a SUSTAINABLE way.
  • Cold extraction at a temperature not exceeding 20ºC.
  • We use glass and recyclable cardboard in all our packaging. - Innovation and exclusivity in the designs.
  • Illusion and great effort.
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