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Javier Campo

D.O. Blue Cheese Picón Bejes-Tresviso

Our cheese factory is located in the town of Tresviso, in the Liébana region of Cantabria, Spain, within the PICOS DE EUROPA NATIONAL PARK, at an altitude of 900 m. and part of the Biosphere Reserve.

Queso Javier Campo

It was in this spectacular region of pastures and mountains that the company JAVIER CAMPO was founded in 2005. This artisan cheese factory offers a high quality product made with all-natural ingredients and according to traditional methods.

Given the nature of the landscape this area has been geographically isolated and its natural and traditional ways have been preserved, including cheese making with an official denomination of origin (DO) Picón Bejes-Tresviso, protected since 1994. The cheeses from the region are made according to time honoured tradition passed from generation to generation over centuries. This, combined with the high mountain pastures where cows graze for most of the year, give the cheese the wild flavour that recalls the spectacular Picos de Europa mountain range. The result is a strong, piquant blue cheese with lots of personality and a buttery creamy aspect. The essence of the mountains and a treat for the palate.

This cheese is the product of constant care and dedication to the process, starting with the finest raw milk to the final curing. Our Parda-Alpina cows, producing some 7,000 litres annually, spend the season grazing peacefully in the mountains, a natural and tranquil life that is reflected in the quality of the milk. The close proximity of the cheese factory, metres from the farm, also means that the milk is not harmed by long travel.

Our facilities are fully modernised and up-to-date, meeting all health and quality standards but without compromising in the use of traditional production methods or natural ingredients. We are proud of this tradition and in order to meet our high standards of quality the annual production of our cheese is limited.

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