About us

SANTANDER FINE FOOD is an export consortium based on Santander (Spain), made up exclusively of Spanish companies producing gourmet food products. Formally established in July 2015, the consortium is dedicated to the promotion and sale of our products abroad. These products are highly regarded in Spain and the natural next step is to make them known to consumers beyond our frontiers.

We offer hand-crafted, exclusive products of the highest quality. Over the years the companies of the consortium have grown and adapted to changing times, pursuing innovation while preserving a tradition of excellence in the selection of natural ingredients and in traditional production processes, as well as the traditional essence of its numerous references.


Health adaptation

We guarantee that our products are adapted to the sanitary regulations of the destination country.

Optimized logistics

Optimization of transport and distribution logistics resources.

Easy management

Management through a single order, with a single invoice and import documentation.

Variety of products

Wide variety of products with a single interlocutor. Unique and competitive prices.

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