Tradition made taste

The brothers Amparo, Cándido and Ramón Salmón García de los Salmones, owners of the company started in San Pedro de Rudagüera, where their parents acquired a grocery store in the 60s. This tavern shop had been serving since the late nineteenth century.

The construction was commissioned by “jándalos” (Andalusian natives of Cantabria) in 1826 and for the realization of the works they took advantage of the walls of an old hermitage, reason for our name: La Ermita.

Currently La Ermita is located in Casar de Periedo (Cantabria) and our commitment is to offer products with a marked artisanal character and with the best products at our disposal.

We do not use preservatives or additives, we do natural cooking, where we select the best raw materials and we take care of the whole production process, doing by hand everything we have to do by hand.

Continuous innovation through the search and development of flavors and innovative products allows our catalog to have a large number of references.

It is appreciated to taste our dishes that are made by chefs, being able to be part of the menu of any demanding restaurant. We prepare healthy and tasty food so that the obligation to eat well is a pleasure.