Preserving the authentic taste of the sea


El Capricho is a family business located in Santoña, small traditional fishing village with a rich history, known as the birthplace of canned anchovy. After a quarter of a century, we are commited to providing a healthy and nutritious product, and guarantee quality and excellence.

We exclusively produce a high-level canned anchovy and white tuna, fished directly from the Cantabrian sea (Bay of Biscay, FAO27). Both our anchovies, caught during the spring fishing season, and our white tuna, caught in summer season, are highly appreciated.

El Capricho products are part of the Mediterranean diet. They are heart-healthy due to their omega-3 fatty acids and also contain other essential nutrients, as proteins, vitamins and minerals.

The production process is essentially traditional, and rely on the hand-crafted experience of skilled workers. This results on an outstanding product: anchovies with characteristic flavour, reddish colour and meaty texture, and white tuna with tender meat and mild flavour.

They are ideal for both individual taste or for using on toasts and salads.