Enjoy the taste of the sea

We are a family business founded in Santander in the early nineties. The privileged setting in which we find ourselves, a beautiful coastline bathed by the waters of the Cantabrian sea, allows us to have direct access to raw materials of the highest quality.

As a result we developed a range of pâtés whose main ingredient is fresh seafood that continually arrive at the factory. Lobster, crab, salmon, anchovies or Galician-style octopus are some of the references.

Since we founded the company we have followed two fundamental principles:

• Our products are made following artisan tradition, born of the experience of many generations they bequeathed their knowledge based on hard work and common sense. A traditional scent that is part of pâté obtained following ancient seafaring local recipes.

• The taste should be 100% natural, paying close attention to the texture of our pâtés, as great companions and enhancing flavors of dishes, kebabs, creams, etc. Therefore we avoid adding any preservatives, colorings or additives that alter the final taste of pate. What comes from the sea must taste like the sea.

Always concerned of consumers tastes, we investigate and brought to market those products that they claim to us. In this way new specialities have been launch like velvet crab pâté and sea urchin pâté. Both references, along with pâtés of lobster, crab, scorpion fish and Galician-style octopus, all of them bear the mark “low in fat “, for the public concerned about eating tasty and quality food but with a smaller number of calories. Definitely a distinctive sign with respect to similar products of the market .

The seafood of quality, along with the benefits of extra virgin olive oil or Omega 3 fatty acids that they have, involve the consumers of our pâtés in all the healthful benefits of the Mediterranean diet.